Wake Up With The Hair You ❤️


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MOre Length, More Volume

Change Everything With a Single Salon Service

Tangerine Salon Aveda Hair Extensions

With a single salon service, you can change your entire look. It is not just about long hair, but about full hair - hair with volume. Wake up with the hair you’ve always dreamed of with our innovative VOMOR hair extensions that takes a fraction of the time and cost of traditional hair extensions.

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Before VOMOR Extensions


After VOMOR Extension

Tangerine salon in Dallas, Frisco, Coppell, Allen, Highland Village Hair Extensions
Tangerine Aveda Hair Extensions Dallas
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Enjoy a subtle or dramatic transformation that adds
volume & length While remaining low MAINTENANCE


How Do I Shampoo & Condition?

  • Shampoo & condition 48 hours after application/service with the Aveda product recommended by your hair professional

  • Always brush hair with Loop Brush or Detangling Brush prior to shampooing

  • Shampoo in an even, downward motion being gentle with the extensions

Wet Hair/Drying

  • Gently towel blot hair & scalp without tangling extensions

  • Gently comb through hair with VoMor Comb or Rsession Detangling Brush, holding scalp with opposite hand to support bonds

  • Blow dry the root area first and ends last (use fingers, not brush, to separate extensions)

  • Wait until the hair is 70% dry before using styling brush


  • Gently remove tangles with fingers before brushing

  • Brush hair with  Loop or Detangling Brush

  • Loosely braid & secure with a hair tie

Outdoor Activity/Swimming

  • Use products with UVA/UHB block (ask your AVEDA service provider)

  • Loosely braid & secure with secure with a hair tie

  • Rinse hair with fresh water immediately after swimming in chlorinated or salt water

General Care

  • Always use Loop Brush or Detangling Brush

  • Always use medium temperatures when using styling tools

  • Service extensions within salon only

  • Avoid applying conditioner, oils or styling products directly to the bonds

  • Retain extensions, in the event that detaching may occur

Product Tips

  • Condition hair mid shaft to ends, keeping conditioner off the extension bonds

  • To avoid slippage, do not apply alcohol based product directly to the extension bonds. Apply only to the hair mid shaft to ends

  • Use products recommended by your AVEDA service provider