Beauty is as Beauty Does

At Tangerine, we see beauty as a craft, not as a product result. That's why we chose to align our company with Aveda. Our professionals are unique in the industry for their pursuit of a higher art: helping make their clients not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful, and Aveda helps us in this endeavor.

This selfless quest to bring out the beauty in their client through genuine care, differs from beauty industry norms. Empowered by its unique Mission, Aveda believes that authentic beauty is one that works in harmony with the greater web of life. It does not qualify as beauty if it hurts any of the diverse life forms that the best beauty artist of all, Nature, created.

Authentic Beauty cares for the environment and will leave to generations that follow us. Beauty cares for the society in which we live, enhancing harmony in the way we live and interact with one another as human beings. In order to be Beauty, it also needs to be Good. Beauty is the result, but also the process followed in pursuing that result.

Naturally Derived Ingredients

At Aveda, we continually seek to increase the use of naturally-derived ingredients in our products.  ‘Naturally Derived’ means an ingredient meets a number of criteria, including:

  • Derived from a plant, non-petroleum mineral, inorganic or other natural source (e.g., water); and

  • More than 50% of the molecular weight comes from those natural sources; and other criteria must be met for suitability of use (for example, we avoid certain types of processing)

Aveda looks at our products’ environmental impact, and takes the following into consideration when formulating:

  • The raw materials for ingredients used in our products (for example, we do not use plant species we determine are endangered)

  • The impact on the communities and their ecosystems which provide the raw materials

  • The processing of raw materials into the ingredients for our products

  • The impact of the finished products on the people and the environment

Aveda tries to ensure our products will not only benefit our customers through exceptional performance, but will positively impact the people and economies from which the product’s ingredients are sourced.  Aveda firmly believes that we will succeed in this effort by striving to use what we call Green Ingredients in our products whenever possible.

Aveda's animal testing promise

Tangerine Salon and Aveda support animal cruelty free testing

In order to be Beauty, it also needs to be Good. Beauty is the result, but also the process followed in pursuing that result.  -Dominique Conseil, President - Aveda

Our stance on animal welfare is one of Aveda's founding principles: We do not conduct animal testing, and do not ask others to do so on our behalf, except if required by law. While we are continually developing new products, our product safety testing relies on the use of volunteer humans as well as numerous scientific databases.

Said simply, Beauty Is As Beauty Does.