James Fiero Styling Awards

Thank you for judging the 2017 James Fiero Styling Awards. Our teams have been hard at work all year creating their collections.  The teams were prompted to create a presentation of three looks using the theme "Splash of Color", being photographed in a studio setting. Aside from these guidelines, they were granted full creative control. 

Please view all of the images and then fill out the survey for each collection, providing feedback and choosing your vote for the overall winner of the award. The winner will be announced this Sunday, December 10th at our annual Holiday Party.

Gestation of a Monarch Butterfly

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Free Form

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Sacred Goddess

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Saṃsāra (Karmic Circle)

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About the James Fiero Styling Award:

The James Fiero Award is a styling competition between our locations to cultivate creativity and teamwork.

The trophy is named after our beloved team member who passed away in 2013 and who was the epitome of Tangerine's culture of creativity.

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