Tangerine Salons have some of the best up & coming new stylists in the industry. We hand pick talented people with fantastic potential from Aveda Institutes and other various cosmetology academies around the country. This allows us to train and educate from the moment they begin employment with us, instilling into them the standards and skills we require.

After a time of serving in Tangerine's advanced education and apprenticeship, these stylists are then promoted to Protégé status to begin their promising careers serving guests. 

What this means to you... 

Many people are looking for excellent service and style, but at a budget-minded price. While our Protégé Stylists are getting the experience they need, you get upscale salon service at a price that is not as expensive as our more experienced stylists. We invite you to refer people you know to our talented Protégé stylists as they continue to develop their skills and grow into their potential.