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Invested in YOU

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Are you looking for a salon to work for, a salon that cares about you? At Tangerine, you will find a family that is invested in seeing you succeed. Since the launch of the first salon in Coppell, TX, it has been a main point for the owners, Brandon and Janet Hensley, to provide all of the tools and support needed for each stylist working for them to become a success.   

“When you get behind a chair at Tangerine, your only concern should be your craft and your relationship with your clients.” 

– Aubrey Garcia, Director of Marketing & Events  

Support for YOU

When you come to work for Tangerine, you are joining a company that has seen local success in the Dallas market and received national recognition. A big part of what makes the salon so successful is the stylists. A big part of what makes the stylists so successful is the support provided by Tangerine.  

Marketing – Share that selfie! 

You will see a strong social presence that markets the salon as well as the individual stylists that work for Tangerine. The company takes a strong interest in promoting you so that you see success. In doing so, Tangerine gets your name out there! From Facebook posts and Instagram shares, to press coverage - Tangerine makes sure both the brand and you are being seen. Your creativity, passion, and work ethic will all be promoted.  

Management – Stop worrying! 

Tangerine not only hires very talented stylists, but also experienced support staff and managers. You will be free to build relationships with your clients without having to worry about the headaches of managing your schedule, orders, or anything else, really. We have on-staff managers, assistants, call-center technicians, marketing directors, and education leads. All you have to worry about is being the best stylist you can be.  

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Education – Learn and grow! 

In order to be the best stylist, you must stay on top of current trends and techniques. At Tangerine, you will constantly be taking classes – and even teaching them, if you choose. The salon provides opportunities for both in-house classes, taught by both staff and industry leaders, and outside classes, combining local Aveda led classes with national training sessions held at various hair conferences each year.   

Caring about YOU

“The staff is the lifeblood of our business and they care for our guests and our company. I'm so appreciative of them.” - Brandon Hensley, Owner  

With Tangerine, you are joining a family that appreciates you. By supporting you, Tangerine is supporting its own success; however, there is so much more to it. This salon truly cares about all of the employees working for them.  

Marshall Hatley, a Master Level Stylist at the Preston Hollow location knows the benefit of the personalized support provided by Tangerine, “I wouldn’t be where I am today without Janet, the owner; she helped shape me and my work into the Master stylist I am today.” The support structure Tangerine has in place has made him one of the top stylist in Dallas and one of the trusted style judges for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

This level of success is not unique to Marshall, though. Several of the stylist working for Tangerine have seen success and received recognition. The staff at Tangerine is full of talented individuals who have been given local and national press coverage and awards from leaders in the salon industry.

As a stylist at Tangerine Salon, you will receive unmatched support through the entire Tangerine family and the benefit of having owners who take an interest in your success. It is not just what you can do for Tangerine, but what Tangerine can do for you. Join the Tangerine team and truly experience a salon dedicated to you. 

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This blog post was written by Jerett Walters.

Jerett Walters

"If you love what you do, it won't feel like work, and I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion for writing into a career. As a copywriter and blogger, nothing is more rewarding than getting to use your words to promote brands and messages that you care about. Being asked to work with a company like Tangerine is one such honor for me. As a longtime client, I have always admired the business practices of this organization and their dedication to excellence."