Top 3 Tips to Avoid Heat Damage

It’s heating up here in Texas and what better way to celebrate the warmer days than discussing the importance of protecting your hair from heat damage? In this week’s post, we give our top 3 tips to avoid heat damage this summer.


An obvious tip but you would be surprised how many skip this step when getting ready. You should always use a heat protectant when styling with a heat tool. Think of it as SPF for you hair.

P.S. You should be using SPF everything SINGLE day, just a friendly reminder.

We suggest either Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair or Brilliant Damage Control on freshly washed hair before blow drying. On second day hair, try heat relief thermal protector & conditioning mist before going in with your hot tools. Whether you use a cream leave in protectant or a spray on, please do not forget to take this step to protect your hair this summer.

2. Braids, Twists, and Bobby pins: Oh my!

Another pretty obviously way to prevent heat damage is to avoid heat styling all together. This is the perfect time of the year to experiment with trendy accessories or that braid you saved to your Pinterest board months ago. The days are getting hotter so we are all looking for way to keep our fly-aways out of our lip gloss and off our necks. We left a few inspiration pics below, so feel free to check out these heatless styles.


3. One and Done

Whenever you are using a hot tool (flatiron, curling iron, or curling wand) be sure you are only making one pass through your hair. To be able to do this successfully you need to find the best temperature setting for you hair type. Go too high and you end up singeing your strands but go too low and your style will not last all day long. Here is a guideline for how hot you should keep your hot tools. Keep in mind that all styling tools are different, and this is only a starting point, be sure to pay attention to your hair and adjust accordingly.

  • For fine or damaged hair, choose below 300°F

  • For normal hair choose between 300°F and 380°F

  • For coarse hair, choose 350°F to 400°F

If you need help choosing the best heat tool for you and your hair needs, check out our last post, “Heat tools to invest in”!

Shea Kelly