The Head-Turning Hairstyles Rockin' the Music Festival Scene in 2017

Experiencing music festival FOMO? Worry not, trend setter – the season is just getting started. See what trending hair styles are in high demand at Tangerine Salon as men and women across the country narrow down their makeup and hair routines for a weekend of seriously stylish debauchery. 


The '90s have returned to bring just the right amount of shimmer to an otherwise grownup look. Whether it’s glitter roots on a bob with a neat center part or larger pieces spread through a short fade, glitter is here to stay for the rest of 2017.  


Bohemian waves with small braids scattered throughout a flowing mane have been in style for years, as have braided crowns. Fresher, though, is the tight cornrow style of French braids complemented by bold lips and eyes. Flashy jewelry also works well with this look.  


Think Gwen Stefani when she was still part of No Doubt. To get the look, part the hair into two sections and secure two buns high on the head. Add two French braids extending from the peak of the forehead for added dimension. Want a single center bun? Mix it up by pulling only half of your hair up – set higher and messier than usual.  

Color, Color, Color  

Bold hues of all colors have been the latest hair style for a couple years now and it’s clear they aren’t going anywhere. From Kylie Jenner’s “highlighter” hue to a rich, glossy color revival, using a shampoo such as Aveda Color Conserve will ensure it thrives long after two to three days of sweaty, sunny stage hopping.  

Au Naturale

Black, white, brown, purple – women and men of all ethnicities are embracing their natural locks with the “less is more” mentality. This is especially true when looking to music festival hair trends. The idea is to create an effortless look (even when it takes a miracle to pull off behind the scenes). Prep well in advance with a blowout or keratin treatment.  

As an Aveda salon, Tangerine is thrilled to offer cutting-edge styles to the Dallas area. Whether you’re booking to make sure those braids aren’t sprouting split ends or get expert advice on how to change your hair color using natural products, Tangerine Salon will have you in and out of the chair well before your festival pilgrimage begins.