Easy Ways to Refresh Second Day Hair

Fall is here, and it seems that the chilling cold air is back this year, and colder than before!  It’s important to remember that your hair, just like your skin requires extra care in the colder months.  I personally have a completely different skin care routine in the Fall and Winter, to prevent drying out. The same applies for my hair.  Once the temperature drops, I like to switch up my shampoo by using something meant for added moisture. The scalp tends to dry out quicker than in the Summertime.  With that being said, do NOT feel bad when it comes to skipping a few washes. This is actually beneficial for your scalp in order to maintain healthy, strong and beautiful hair.  

A lot of times we tend to think that the best way to show off a great hairstyle is when it is freshly washed and done, and even though in some cases that can be true, I am going to walk you through how to keep that beautiful hair going strong well into day two. Consider this a favor to your scalp! Plus, everyone can use a few extra minutes in the morning when getting ready, am I right!?

You are going to start off by brushing out your hair in the morning, making sure to take out any tangles caused from sleep.  Once your hair is nice and smooth, I always start off by powdering in some of our Shampure Dry Shampoo. I focus on the crown, and on each side of my head, by parting and lighting puffing some dry shampoo.  Then I let the dry shampoo sit for about 30 seconds to a minutes. Once the dry shampoo is settled in, I quickly massage it into my scalp. I then take my medium sized round brush (keep in mind, the size of round brush you use depends on the length of your hair) a wrap each side that I powdered dry shampoo onto, and blow dry directly onto the root of my hair, this way any access dry shampoo will be blown off.  

If you want to touch up any existing curls, I usually like to part my hair into two parts.  Top, and bottom. Dividing the hair right around where my ears are. Then I take the bottom part, and section it off into two parts.  With my curling iron, I wrap each section, often times leaving the ends of my hair exposed to achieve that beachy wave! Once I have completed my two bottom sections, I section off the top of my hair into 4 parts.  Curling each part as I did the bottom. Remember to curl away from your face. Once my hair has completely cooled, I run my fingers through, to separate the curls, and add some finishing spray to complete my refreshed look of the day!

Now, if you had a blow out the day before, I would recommend sectioning off the hair as I mentioned, but instead of curling, take a spray bottle, and gently (very gently) mist your hair, and round brush your sections with your blow dryer pointing down, to get that smooth silky look.  Gently misting your hair with a little bit of water allows the blow dryer to work better, and eliminate any frizz or bed head.

Depending on your hair type, these steps can be repeated 1-3 consecutive days to maintain the health of your hair during these colder months!

Still feel like you want a fresh wash and style but don’t feel like doing it yourself? Let the experts at Tangerine Salon pamper you!