Form and Function: Beautifully Practical Hairstyles for Your Next Workout


For women (or guys with long locks, like Jonathan Van Ness), keeping your hair from sticking to your face or your neck as you sweat can be irritating. But you can’t just put it in a simple ponytail, because you want to look cute in the gym too. We all think, “I color-coordinated my leggings with my sports bra, I deserve to look good.” And of course you do! So here is our pick of the most practical yet darling hairstyles that you should definitely try on your next workout. 

High Ponytail


A low ponytail can be a little flat, so why not go for the high version? Also called the power ponytail, this was a hairstyle we at Tangerine Salon previously tried on a Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancer — so you know it's a look that can be trusted. Just gather your hair high up, and puff up the front a little to add more volume. And then, add more style by twisting a chunk of your mane around the ponytail. 

Top Knot


This simple yet functional do is a go-to for many women. It works with all types of hair from straight to curly, but is limited to medium to long hair lengths. To achieve the look, you simply have to wind your hair in a bun really high up the crown of your head. Women’s Health Magazine also suggests adding a literal twist to the bun to make it more resistant to different types of exercises. To do this, start with a high ponytail, which you then need separate into two sections and wrap around each other in a simple knot. Pull to make it more secure, and then take the long ends to make another knot. Wrap the remaining ends of your tresses around the bun, and use a hair band to keep it in place. 

Bubble Ponytail


For a little more flair, try this runway-ready hairstyle, which you can also totally rock out in the gym. Shape Magazine notes that it can work with either the low or high ponytail, as long as you have enough elastic bands. Tie the bands down the line after 2-3 inches and pull on the sides of each section to create a puffy, bubbly look.

Side Bun


Loose buns scream effortless beauty. One variation is the side bun, which is more suited for low intensity workouts such as pilates, yoga, or even lifting. It also ensures that you don’t get an unwanted pillow from a regular bun for when you’re lying down on an exercise mat. All you have to do is gather your locks to one side and twist it into a bun. You can even leave a few strands out for effect. And after the sweat session, you’ll have an instant wavy do.



Braids are probably the most versatile and fun hairstyle because there are just so many ways you can do them. Pretty Me explains that aside from being suited to frizzy hair, it hides the sticky factor perfectly well, too! A classic French braid never goes out of style. The same can be said for the the inverted Dutch braid, but you can also experiment with a side braid or a dual texture braid — perfect for those who want to keep their bangs out of their face. For a bouncy look, try Cosmopolitan’s suggestion of the rope braid, where you simply separate your high ponytail into two sections and keep twisting. 

So there you go, ladies! Keep serving looks with these easy hairstyles, which can work as hard as you do on the mat, gym, or track.