Post-Holiday Self Care & Wellness Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year where we focus on others, give with gratitude and share in good times with loved ones. But there’s no denying that the holiday season can be just as stressful as it is fun for many of us. Hopping from store-to-store to find the perfect gifts, wrapping them up, cooking extravagant meals, attending parties - whew, we’re exhausted just thinking about it all again! As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season comes to an end, it’s important to take a little time for yourself to unwind and re-focus on what’s to come in the new year. Below are some self-care and wellness tips to help you slow down, relax and refresh your mind, body and soul.

Catch Up On Sleep

Many of us had late nights throughout the season, whether at a holiday party or staying up late to wrap gifts and prepare meals. Be sure to get back into your regular sleeping routine as soon as possible. If you’re finding it hard to unwind at bedtime after all of the excitement, try diffusing essential oils or using a sound machine to create a calming environment.


It’s so fun to connect over social media and see everyone’s holiday pictures, but once you have checked them all out, set your phone down for a while and take a small social media break. Extensive screen time can be harmful to our eyes and our bodies, causing headaches, neck pain and can even making it hard to sleep when scrolling through the phone before bed. Taking a short break will help you unwind and focus on yourself for a little while.

Read A Book

Our minds can be very active during the holiday season as well. This can lead to overthinking and unnecessary stress. So as you unplug, settle into a good book and distract yourself from negative thoughts and unwanted stress. It’s always refreshing to get lost in a good story!

Pamper Yourself

If you find it hard to unplug and unwind at home, take a trip to the spa for a nice massage, manicure or facial. You deserve the “me time” after the busy-ness of the season.

Self-Care At Home

A daily trip to the spa would be absolutely wonderful, but is unrealistic for most, so creating a self-care routine you can achieve a home is important. This can include a relaxing bath with composition oils, meditation, a mini-facial and self-massage. Try to do this a few times a week to de-stress (even far past the holiday season).

Focus On Your New Year Goals

Set aside some time to focus on what you want to accomplish in the new year. Write down your goals and set intentions on how you plan to achieve them. Remember that “a goal without a plan is just a wish”. Set yourself up for success by mapping out a plan of action.