How To Keep Your Blowout Beautiful With An Active Lifestyle


Nothing adds a pep to my step quite like a good blow out. Whether I do it myself at home, or have it done at one of our Tangerine Salon locations, the feeling of clean, silky, voluminous hair really helps give me the confidence to take on the day. However, nothing puts a damper on my day quite like sweaty hair. Lets be honest, we all love great looking hair, but keeping it that way on a day to day basis isn’t easy when it comes to living an active lifestyle. Here are a few tips, and products I use to help keep my hair looking clean, beautiful and healthy all week long.

blowout for an active lifestyle.jpeg

After a long sweaty work out, I like to take the blow dryer, set it on the cold setting, and simply dry all the sweat out of my hair. Then I grab my hair clip, dividing my hair into sections.  Depending on the thickness and length of your hair, the number of sections may vary.  With thick shoulder length hair, I section my hair off into four even parts. I start by adding body to my hair by round brushing each section to ensure less frizz, and bring the silkiness back into my hair.  

Once I’ve completed that quick blow out on my hair, I take the Aveda Dry Shampoo, and powder it into my roots, all throughout my scalp. I wait a minute, then massage it in to make sure that any oils left from my work out have been absorbed. The great thing about Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo is that it comes in a powder form.  Therefore, it is much easier to work with. It reminds me of back in the day when we use to use baby powder in our hair. Aveda’s formula is a new, modified, and elevated twist on an old trick.  

aveda dry shampoo conditioner.jpg

Once I’ve done that, I spritz Aveda’s Thermal Dry Conditioner on to the ends of my hair, this allows my hair to have a nice, clean shine.  It adds a softened texture to your hair, and gives it that straight out of the shower smell.

Finish off your look by brushing through your hair and styling as desired.  These simple steps will save you time, and keep you looking on point in between washes!