Hair Tutorial - How to Diffuse Curly Hair

In this tutorial, Kari Wawrzonek, Master Hairstylist at Tangerine Salon, shows you how to style curly hair using a diffuser and Aveda Be Curly Products. 


- Wrap your damp hair into a turban to remove extra moisture.
- Use a wide tooth comb.
- Scrunch, Scrunch, Scrunch as your styling.
- Apply product! For most people you will need more than you are used to using, you should be able to feel it but not see it, I go for a squishy feeling while I'm scrunching it in.
- Gently tousle curls when they're dry after styling.

*** DON'T:
- Rub your damp hair with a towel.
- Brush or use a fine tooth comb / pull or rake through the curls - all of these things will disrupt your curl pattern and create frizz.
- Skip product - Curls need moisture. 
- Handle hair when dry, touching dry curls leads to frizz.
- Don't give up the first few times you attempt to style your hair curly or wavy! It might not turn out that great, especially if you have been wearing it strait for awhile. You might need to adjust your product cocktail or cut back on the amount of heat you are using. Your hair texture is unique to you so it might take some time to find your method!