Hair Trends for 2018

With a new year comes new hair trends. So, what styles, cuts, and colors should you be on the lookout for in 2018?

The easiest way to get a glimpse into upcoming trends is to look at recent fashion shows; generally, what you see walking the runway will be a bit of a hyperbole of what is to come for everyday wear. 

2018 Trending Hair Styles to Watch For

For the style and cut this year, we look to the past to find inspiration for the future. In this case, the 90’s are back, baby! Blunt cuts are definitely back and hair is being styled with either the rolled-under or flipped-out ends. 

Now, don’t panic! While the inspiration comes from the 90’s, we are bringing a fashion-forward element to the styling. You will want to keep things smooth and tamed, no need to tease your tresses like was so popular in decades past. 

Say Yes to Bangs in 2018

Another big trend on the runways and upcoming for 2018 – BANGS! Longer, fringe bangs with your long hair are definitely recommended for staying on-trend. Whether you are embracing a blunt cut or keeping your length as-is, simply cutting these fringe bangs in will give your look a modern touch.

Zendaya Bangs Hairstyle - Dallas Hair Salon

If you are feeling really bold, boy-bangs are definitely going to be a hot thing for 2018. Choppy bangs on a pixie cut, a bob, or even longer hair are going to give you a chic look that says you are always leading the way on trends. When we say, boy-bangs, we are talking those side swept, shorter, choppy cut bangs that have that boyish quality to them. 

The Leading Hair Color for 2018

Are you ready for this one?! NIRVANA BLONDE is the leading color for 2018. This is the term that will be on everyone’s lips. This color is a take on Kurt Cobain’s classic look and got its name from the stylist who recently did Selena Gomez’s icy blonde locks. 

selena gomez nirvana blonde hair.jpg

The color is another throwback to the 90’s, giving the blonde a worn look with dimension and keeping with the recent rooted trend of last year. We are still talking a heavy platinum color of blonde, but not doing it as an all over, you want baby slices of darker shades of blonde and even some natural color in there to complete this look.

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