Hair Salons Near Me - How to Find the Best Salon in Dallas

How To Find the Best Salon in Dallas

We all search for things on Google, but how do we find exactly what we are looking for? Generally we type in the type of business that we are looking for and the term "near me". 

When looking for a salon in Dallas, be sure to research all of your options and don't let "salons near me" be the deciding factor on whom you trust your hair to.

At Tangerine, we put so much effort into making this decision easy to choose us for a lifetime. With an elite, ongoing training program, a vibrant and dedicated staff of hairdressers and a commitment to customer service, we want to be your trusted salon (just the way the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders trust us!).

If you have never had Aveda Hair Color, you will love the more natural approach we take. From highlights to balayage to all over color, you will get the look you love.

With five locations located virtually 20 minutes from anywhere in the Dallas area, we would love for you to find a "Tangerine near you".


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