Gloss Smudging – The New Hair Trend You Want!

Every other season or so, a new term gains popularity and has everyone who sits in a stylist’s chair asking for it – think balayage, ombre, or even “the Pob,” that’s right, you remember Posh’s bob that swept the world by storm!

Sometimes these terms have a very specific meaning, while other times they just become a generalized part of the lexicon that people use to kind of describe the overall look they are wanting. Well, the next term, and trend, is about to blow up this summer. Are you ready for it?!


That’s right, you read that correctly. Gloss smudging is going to be the new term that everyone who steps foot into a salon will be asking for. So, what is it that this term defines? Well, that’s simple – it is an added measure to make your highlights/new color look more natural! And as you know from our previous “Spring Trends Blog,” natural-looking is making a big come back!

Gloss smudging is basically a way to blend the line between your roots/new growth and your colored hair. No one likes the harsh lines left behind from foils, and gloss smudging is the perfect way to avoid that look. Think of it as the smudging technique you use when smudging your eyeliner to blend it.

“Gloss smudging is a great way to soften the look of highlighted hair, give the client a polished look, and stay on trend with the more natural looks.” – John Ball, Stylist at Tangerine – Dallas

The technique gloss smudging is referring to is a step that follows after the coloring is done. Once your foils have been removed and the color washed out, a gloss or toner is applied to just your roots with a brush, which blurs or “smudges” where the roots end and the color begins. It is all about blending the colors and softening the lines to create a smoother transition of color.

This technique works perfectly with the balayage technique of applying color and can be used on the ombre look to achieve a softer fade into the new color! Through Balayage, the way color is applied has helped to prevent harsh lines that run in horizontal stripes across the hair. Gloss Smudging takes the natural look of the application to the next level, helping to make the transition between root color and lightened hair more seamless and natural appearing. 

If you are looking for a way to jazz your hair up, be sure to ask your stylist about gloss smudging. This technique will be around for a long time, and this summer is the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon. A gloss smudge application is a great way to achieve a natural, sun-kissed appearance with your hair! Call and book your appointment with your Tangerine stylist today!