Hairstyle Trend For Fall: Welcome Back, Rachel!

It is time to say hello to an old friend! That’s right, The Rachel is back! Well, not exactly, but Jennifer Aniston is once again setting the tone for the hair trend of the moment. 

We all remember when The Rachel hairstyle was seen everywhere! Inspired by Jennifer’s character on FRIENDS, this style swept the nation from 1994 to 1997. Literally, we all knew someone who had the cut! While this style is thankfully staying in the time vault, Jennifer’s newest cut is the epitome of what is trending today – messy-chic

Jennifer Aniston Hair Color 2017

What is Messy-Chic? 

Messy-Chic is basically a style that is easy to work with, giving your hair a healthy, full look without the need for a lot of styling. It is meant to be flattering for almost any hair length, from bobs to long locks. A messy-chic style gives a polished look but still has a care-free vibe about it! It is important to not make the hair look too styled, opting for a more relaxed and effortless appearance. When done right, this look can be worn with casual jeans and a t-shirt or with a cocktail dress; it is truly versatile. 


So, how do you achieve a messy-chic look? 

The messy-chic style is fairly simple to cut and style. All hair should be close to the same length, with a slight graduation at the ends. This creates a full-look with volume and keeps the bottom of your hair from looking scraggly. For styling, you can wear it any way you want! Let it be straight or give it some wave with a few beach curls. The purpose of this style is to look effortless. 

Important to note! 

You can have your stylist give you your own variation on this style, opting for blunt bangs or extremely choppy layers. It is important to note that with the messy-chic look, super layered hair is out and so are the face-framing layers. You want to keep the layers graduated and within about 2 inches of the bottom length of your hair. 

Even if your hair is a different length than Jennifer Aniston’s, the effortless look of her styling is the essential part of a messy-chic look. While she always looks polished and put together, you almost feel as if she can just wake up and look that way. That is the goal with this hair trend. 


Our stylists will be there for you! 

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(Writing this article has us wanting to binge watch FRIENDS now!)

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This blog post was written in collaboration with Jerett Walters.