Tangerine Styles New York Fashion Week 2017

Bright lights, big city, fast-paced styling - this is New York Fashion Week. “The energy... the creativity... the people... there is definitely nothing like it,” says Adrian Franco, Master Stylist at Tangerine Salon – Coppell. Several of the hairstylists from Tangerine were honored to get to work behind the scenes for a wide variety of designers’ shows this season. The experience they gained contribute to their already vast portfolios of creative work they have participated in through Tangerine. 

Each Season, Tangerine encourages the stylists to participate in this opportunity to further their career and push themselves to be the best they can be. This is a big part of Tangerine’s business model of helping stylists grow and a part of what makes the company such a great place to work. A great example of the growth a stylist sees working with Tangerine comes from Jill Ottinger who is now a Senior Stylist at the Highland Village location, “when I attended Ogle cosmetology school in 2005 right after high school I never in a million years pictured myself being "one of those stylists living the dream at New York fashion week. The last few years I have grown so much personally and professionally and I honestly don't think I could be where I am today without the help of Tangerine Salon pushing me to work hard and to chase my dreams.” 

The Stylists:


The Shows:

A. Détcher • Academy U School of Fashion • Concept Korea • Greta Constantine • Laurence & Chico • Leanne Marshall • PRISCAVera • Sachin & Babi • Sechs Element • Supima • Tibi

Images below were shared from the Designers' Instagram Accounts.


Courtney Winnan, Studio Stylist at Tangerine – Highland Village, definitely loved her time in NYC, commenting that “everything is always new and exciting even if it's just your basic 'do.” With every show came a new set of guidelines for the looks our stylists had to achieve. From sleek and straight, to fishtailed braids, each designer had a different idea of how the models should look. The prevailing trend coming from this season seems to be a juxtaposition of looks - straight and sleek without being too perfect, though. 

“I had the pleasure of working with some of Aveda’s Global Artistic team. Every time I work with them I am so inspired! They share new tips and techniques to bring back to use in the salon!” - Annie Patton, Master Stylist at Tangerine – Highland Village

It isn’t just the experience for their portfolios the stylists gain, they are also learning new tips, tricks, and trends from industry leaders to bring back to Tangerine and their clients. The process of styling at New York Fashion Week starts with a 2-day class in LA where, according to Marshall Hatley, Master Stylist at Tangerine – Dallas, “They break down specifics of the right products to use, the right tools, what kind of irons are more versatile than others. And that it's all about the teamwork.” 


While every show was a new challenge and the stylists walked away exhausted, the experience is something they all value. John Ball, Senior Stylist at Tangerine – Dallas, sums it up best, “seeing the finished result on the runway was very rewarding and really fun to know that you were a part of it!”

If you are a hairstylist looking to advance your career or a potential client searching for a new salon, Tangerine may be the perfect fit for you. It is Tangerine’s dedication to its stylists and seeing them to reach their full potential that has allowed for the success the company has seen. Plus, when you book an appointment at any of the Tangerine locations across Dallas-Fort Worth, you are getting the skill you would expect to find at New York Fashion Week! 

This blog post was written in collaboration with Jerett Walters


Behind the Scenes video of the Academy of Arts University show - Featuring Annie, Courtney and Jill.

Video by Brad Stanley.

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