Why Tangerine Salon is a Great Place to Work: Continued Growth

Tangerine Salon is a great place to put your faith. As the organization continues to grow, the staff and clients continue to see the reward. A huge part of what has helped this company grow as quickly as it has in the Dallas area is the commitment to the continued growth of its employees.


As Tangerine Salon prepares to open its 5th location at The Star in Frisco, it is important to take note of what has allowed this salon to see the success and growth it has over the past few years. It is the devotion to the customer experience and satisfaction and the appreciation of every employee that helps the brand succeed. 


"We have a fantastic group of people, totaling over 100. The staff are the lifeblood of our business and they care for our guests and our company.  I'm so appreciative of them for fulfilling our promise to our guests." - Brandon Hensley, Owner


The continued growth of the salon has a lot to do with Tangerine’s desire to invest in the employees and truly care about their well-being. Many of the stylists working for Tangerine have been with the company since they graduated cosmetology school and have grown to be Master Level Stylists who work directly with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

Marshall Hatley, a Master Level Stylist at the Preston Hollow location has been with Tangerine since its opening. “I started with Tangerine when I was still in cosmetology school at 18 years old. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Paula, my station mate from Coppell, or Janet, the owner; they helped shape me and my work into the Master stylist I am today.” Thanks in part to the continuing education that Tangerine provides, Marshall is now a top stylist in Dallas and one of the trusted style judges for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. 

There is no other salon that provides this level of commitment to its employees while also granting them the opportunities you find in a national chain. Tangerine is constantly growing and achieving new success, and it takes pride in providing this chance for greatness to its employees. One of the practices they have in place is allowing for different opportunities for their staff. Hairstyling is so much more than a job, it is a culture all its own. Tangerine understands this and strives to make sure that the stylists are given chances to express themselves. 

Whether it is through exciting photo competitions, styling for National Photoshoots, working New York Fashion Week, or learning from well-known industry professionals, Tangerine presents incredible opportunities for growth to the stylists. 


"It is an amazing feeling knowing that you have support and guidance from the company you work for. It makes you take pride in everything you do.”  -Kevin Walsh, Master Level Stylist, Tangerine Salon - Preston Hollow.