5 Tips for Locks as Luscious as Cole Beasley's

cole beasley dallas cowboys hair.jpg

Featured on The Dallas Cowboys Blog - 5 Points Blue:

If you’re anything like us, you experience major hair-envy every time you catch a glimpse of Cole Beasley without his helmet on. While we’re not entirely sure what his hair-care routine actually is, we bet it isn’t far off from what our friends at Tangerine Salon would suggest in order to get (and maintain) your own luscious locks.

1. Depending upon the time of year, both dry and humid weather can have an impact on the healthiness of our hair. In order to avoid both drying out your hair too much, or even to protect it from frizzing, accessorize with anything from a scarf to a hat depending upon the occasion.

2. Keep your hair looking fresh and extend the time between washes by using a dry shampoo to eliminate excess oil and revive your hair. You can also style your hair different ways in order to extend the life of your hair on non-wash days. Try out a creative braid, rock some loose waves, or throw it up in a stylish ponytail.

3. Invest in your hair through proper maintenance techniques like deep conditioning or scalp treatments in order to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny all year round. Not only will the after-effects be noticeable to the eye but they’ll also help your hair grow in stronger.