The Process of Blonding Previously Colored Hair

We have all picked out a picture online, or out of a magazine of the perfect blonde hair, only to quickly realize that achieving our dream blonde color in one session isn’t realistic. The truth is, in order to reach your blonde hair goals, it takes time, patience, and a stylist who knows what they are doing. We all remember that time Selena Gomez went from dark brown to VERY BLONDE overnight, however, what you don’t know is that she sat in her stylists chair for over 8 hours!

Realistically speaking, it is rarely achievable in such a short amount of time. We are going to walk you through what to expect on your dark to light hair journey.

Once you have finally decided to go light, it is important to schedule a consultation prior to your appointment. During this consultation your stylist will help you create a hair plan. Be sure to show your stylists a few pictures of what you would like your hair to look like, and they will let you know what is achievable, and what is not. Light hair requires a few different types of commitment, therefore, it’s important that your stylist go over the initial first visit cost, maintenance costs, time expectations, and hair care. Sometimes reaching the color desired can take a handful of visits.

Once you have decided to move forward with the lightening process, here is what you can expect from your stylist. They will start off by detangling your hair, and sectioning it off. Make sure you let them know where you part your hair, it is important when it comes to color placement. Your stylist will then begin applying the enlightener, and foils. Typically during your first visit you will process for about an hour without heat. Once your hair has processed accordingly, shampoo and deep conditioner follow. It is important that a deep conditioner is applied to help restore moisture to the hair. Once your hair has been washed and conditioned, an equalizing solution is applied. The purpose of this is to avoid any harsh lines and even out your color, creating a more gradual, and natural effect. Then a shadow root, and toner is applied at the chair to ensure the virgin hair, and colored hair blend accordingly. At this point you will be processing without heat for about 20 minutes. Upon washing out your hair, your stylist will apply a color conserve, protein, and conditioner to ensure restoration of moisture.

To finish off your look, a fresh haircut is always recommended to prevent any damaged ends from traveling up the hair shaft to the scalp. This will keep your hair looking healthy! Depending on your hair type, and desired style, your stylist will apply any finishing products to help achieve your final look.

It is important that you know and understand how the lightening process works, and how long it will take, this way you are able to make the best decision when it comes to your hair. Click the link below to schedule a complimentary consultation at Tangerine Salon to discuss your hair journey with one our stylists.