Why Tangerine is the Place to Work - You Succeed as We Succeed


In August of 2005, Brandon and Janet Hensley decided to open their own salon, but not just any hair salon, one that reflects the work ethic, business practice, and personal service that both hold dear. Six short months after the big opening, while attending an Aveda Business Conference, Brandon and Janet were inspired to see their concept expand to a multi-location Aveda salon company. On that day, they began laying the foundation needed to build the Tangerine empire into what it has become today. They know the importance of having a good team in order to succeed, so they have established practices that make each stylist hired want to stay a part of their award winning team.

Employees Grow With Tangerine!

The Henlseys know that Tangerine is only as strong as its stylist and staff“We have a fantastic group of people, totaling over 100. The staff are the lifeblood of our business and they care for our guests and our company.  I'm so appreciative of them for fulfilling our promise to our guests.” It is this level of appreciation that has led to many stylist making Tangerine their home.

“I started with Tangerine when I was still in cosmetology school at 18 years old. It was just a small 12 station salon in a shotgun style retail space. It had 1 computer, no assistants, and one very eager receptionist, me! I wouldn’t be where I am today without Paula, my station mate from Coppell, or Janet, the owner; they helped shape me and my work into the Master stylist I am today.” Says Marshall Hatley, a Master Level Stylist at the Preston Hollow location. He has been with Tangerine since its opening, experiencing continuing education that has made him one of the top stylist in Dallas and one of the trusted style judges for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Tangerine is not only a place to work, it becomes a family, one that helps its stylist succeed in the industry.

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When asked why he has worked with Tangerine for nearly 10 years, since graduating cosmetology school, Kevin Walsh, a Master Level Stylist at the Preston Hollow location had this to say, “Education is one of the most important parts of Tangerine and they give you every tool you need to further your career. They want to see you succeed and improve yourself. Our owners have made me feel like more than just an employee, and they love seeing me succeed in every part of my life, not just at work.”

Countless Opportunities For You!

There is no other salon that provides this level of commitment to its employees while also granting them the opportunities you find in a national chain. Tangerine is constantly growing and achieving new success, and it takes pride in providing this chance for greatness to its employees. 

As a stylist at Tangerine Salon, you will receive unmatched support through the entire Tangerine family, continuing education opportunities through outside classes and in-salon training, opportunities to participate in company-wide, local, and national competitions meant to inspire creativity, and chances to meet and draw inspiration from some of the leading stylist in the industry. On top of all of these perks, you will also have owners who take an interest in your success; it is not just what you can do for Tangerine, but what Tangerine can do for you. Join our team and truly experience Tangerine’s dedication to excellence.

This post was written by guest author, Jerett Walters.

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"If you love what you do, it won't feel like work, and I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion for writing into a career. As a copywriter and blogger, nothing is more rewarding than getting to use your words to promote brands and messages that you care about. Being asked to work with a company like Tangerine is one such honor for me. As a longtime client, I have always admired the business practices of this organization and their dedication to excellence."