Beach Hair Care

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The perfect beach hair requires proper care before, during and after a trip to the beach. To avoid the effects of harsh beach elements and make sure your locks remain as luscious as ever during your time at the beach, follow these tips.

1. For humidity-proof hair, find a balance

Before battling beach humidity, prepare your hair by making it as healthy as possible. For dry hair, avoid washing it too frequently and consider using a hot oil rinse or repair mask. Do you have oily hair? Do not over-condition or use heavy oils or serums.

At Tangerine Salons, we recommend Aveda’s sun care products for hair, including the hair and body cleanser, after-sun hair masque and protective hair veil mist.

2. Find the right hairstyle

Beach hairstyles for short hair and long hair can be very different, but both keep hair fun and stylish. For short beach haircuts, try using a small wrap or a quad braid. For long haircuts, try a side swoop braid. For all hair types, try a variation of the double bun.

3. Accessorize your hair

Use a scarf, hat or wrap to keep hair from drying out and frizzing.

4. Be careful with hair products

Do not overdo it. Only use the recommended amount unless told otherwise by a hair care professional. Also make sure any product is appropriate for your hair. Do not use heavy oils or serums if you’re prone to oily hair, or products with high amounts of alcohol if you’re prone to dry hair.

5. Protect color-treated hair

Color-treated hair damages easily and can look unhealthy at the slightest sign of discoloration. To make sure color-treated hair looks great at the beach, use products that offer color protection.

6. Avoid torturing your hair

Avoid heating tools and chemical processes that can dry out or damage hair. If using a hair dryer or flat iron is inevitable, make sure to use a heat protectant.

7. Use sunscreen

Too much sun can cause discoloration, dryness and brittle ends. To make sure hair isn’t too sun-damaged, make sure to protect it on a consistent basis. Use hair products with SPF or rub a bit of your sunscreen lotion on your hair. Make sure to protect your hair with SPF on the actual beach trip as well.

Tangerine Salon

For more beach hairstyles and tips, visit your local Tangerine Salon. Our stylists are ready to help you find the perfect hairstyle for your next beach trip. 

Aubrey Garcia