Bangs are Back and Beautiful! Four Styles Now on Trend.

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Bangs are back! That’s right – the ultra-chic look is here to stay, from choppy and textured to razor-sharp. Tangerine Salon has four fantastic ways to style your fringe for summer and fall 2017.

Bang Tips

Before you take the plunge, realize bangs are going to require upkeep. At Tangerine, we offer quick bang trims to keep your mane looking fresh all season long. 

Your stylist can even schedule a quick drop-in after your regular cut. Just be mindful to take your usual routine into consideration. If you’re a wash-and-go girl, you may want a few face-framing pieces that will hold up on low-maintenance days.

Emerging Trends in 2017

1. Haircuts with bangs can be tricky, which is why it’s often best to go with the grain by embracing your natural curl. Curly textured bangs are hot, hot, hot – sprouting from every corner of the country from Coachella’s polo fields to the Bronx. Split them down the middle and rock 'em to either side, or leave them to tell their own story – wispy and light, just like your spirit.

2. Bring the '70s back with Jane Birkin’s infamous shaggy fringe. Unfamiliar? Your Tangerine stylist will know the exact look you’re going for: a sexy, slightly unkempt arched cut that looks amazing with a quasi-dirty mane. The key is soft, piece-y locks that hit just below the eyebrow.

3. Perhaps Katy Perry is to blame for the reemergence of side-swept bangs. Regardless, whoever brought this trend back into the limelight should be thanked because it can work for virtually anyone. Opt for a bold summer crop like the pop star, or spice up a medium-length 'do as you’re waiting for it to grow out. Warning: Not for the easily annoyed – swooped bangs require a certain messy flawlessness that’s (literally) in your face.

4. Go retro, baby. You can’t get much more modern with a set of micro bangs above a flawless cat eye and red lip. The shorter you go, the more of a boss you are (or so we hear). With headbands making a comeback in 2017, you’re guaranteed to nail the vintage look. To go full Bettie Page, throw your hair into a messy up-do and style only your bangs with dry shampoo and hairspray. Expect a trim every few weeks.

Tangerine Salon

Make no mistake: Our clients are just as trendy as the burgeoning Dallas scene, following the latest hair trend from bang hairstyles to funky colors. Choosing a cutting-edge salon like Tangerine will enhance your individuality and offer the best of both worlds – Aveda salon quality with fashion-forward style.

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