How to use Aveda Essential Oils

Aveda rebranded the formally known and loved Singular Notes to Essential Oils with beautiful vibrant new packaging. The look is new and fresh and the beloved formulas remain the same. They are 100% naturally derived and safe to use on your skin, thanks to a highly emollient coconut oil base. Below are 10 ways you can up your wellness game by including Aveda Essential Oils in your everyday routine.

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How to use Aveda Essential Oils

1 - Apply a few drops to freshly showered skin to infuse with moisture and aroma.

2 - Relieve tension and soothe your senses by massaging your scalp with the calming aromas of Lavender and Vanilla.

3 - Add a few drops of Eucalyptus to your warm shower. The combination of the oil and shower steam will clear your senses and leave you feeling refreshed.

4 - Use in your bath for an aromatic soak.

5 - After styling your hair, add a drop or two of your favorite aroma. People will tell you "smell like Aveda" all day! (The best compliment, in our opinion.)

6 - Keep a bottle with you that matches your mood to revive your senses throughout the day. Add a few drops to your wrists or décolletage and deeply inhale.

7 - Set the mood for your workout routine by applying a few drops to your skin. Tangerine is great for cardio and Lavender or Patchouli for Yoga.

8 - Massage your tired feet with an invigorating aroma like Peppermint.

9 - Use as a home fragrance. Mix several drops (15-30) with water and a carrier oil, such as Jojoba, and either add to a spray bottle or a reed diffuser to fill the room with your selected aroma.

10 - Combine different variations of the oils to create your signature aroma.

tangerine aveda essential oil.jpg


Refreshing aromatic oil with a sparkling, sweet, citrus aroma derived from the ripe peels of tangerines.

Layers well with vanilla or patchouli.

peppermint aveda essential oil.jpg


Invigorating aromatic oil with a strong, minty, herbaceous aroma derived from dried peppermint leaves.

Layers well with lavender or eucalyptus.

vanilla aveda essential oil.jpg


Calming aromatic oil with a sweet aroma derived from vanilla beans.

Layers well with patchouli or tangerine.

bergamont aveda essential oil.jpg


Refreshing aromatic oil with a sweet, citrus aroma derived from the peel of nearly ripe bergamot fruit.

Layers well with lavender.

patchouli aveda essential oil.jpg


Calming aromatic oil with a woodsy aroma derived from patchouli leaves.

Layers well with vanilla or tangerine.

lavender aveda essential oil.jpg


Calming aromatic oil with a floral, herbaceous aroma derived from the flower tops, leaves and stalks of lavender.

Layers well with bergamot or peppermint.


Fresh aromatic oil with a strong, herbal aroma derived from partially dried eucalyptus leaves.

Layers well with peppermint or lavender.