A Guy’s Guide to Hairstyles

Alright, men, how your hair looks is important! The good news is that when it comes to styling - messy is in!

If you are searching for current men’s hair trends, look no further. At Tangerine, we pay close attention to upcoming trends and work to make sure our clients are always rocking the trendiest looks.

Are you tired of that overly polished look? You’re not alone! And this year, the trend is definitely a more natural, unkempt look. No matter what length of hair you have, a messy texture and style are key to looking put together.


Shaved-Sides or Undercut

For those of you with shaved sides and the undercut, you can keep this look but try adding a choppy bang or just a really textured top. This will allow you to wear your hair a bit messier and move away from that sleeked back, polished look.

mens tapered haircut.jpg

Tapered and Graduated

If you have graduated from the shaved sides to a more tapered-look, the above advice still holds true. The top lengths, no matter how long you wear them, should be a bit more unkempt in styling. Let the waves or curls be natural and let those stray hairs hang loose. 

mens disconnected haircut.jpg


If you have an undercut or tapered look but have a drastically disconnected top length, you can keep the sides exactly as they are and simply do choppy layers to the top. When styling, try changing up the part or letting pieces of hair hang to one side while the rest is pushed back. The key is to not look like you tried too much.

mens mid length haircut.jpg

Growing It Out

As the above looks slowly start to lose steam, a lot of guys are in the process of growing it out. This can create 2 different problems, always relying on a man-bun or ending up with a hairstyle that is a little too bob-ish for your liking. A simple way to fix this is to embrace the 90’s heartthrob look – or as it’s been coined, The Heartthrob Bob. To do this, you want a heavily layered, mid-length cut. The layers are key to avoiding having the classic bob look. This style is perfect for running your hands through!

One-Length, Close Crop

Perhaps, instead of growing out your undercut, you’ve decided to chop it off. A great way to do this is a modern take on the classic Caesar-style haircut. The key to modernizing this look is all in the bangs. You want the hair around your forehead to be very choppy and messy looking - think chunky sections. 

No matter what style you are looking for, the stylists at Tangerine will be sure to deliver an on-trend look for your men’s haircut. Book your appointment today!