A Cut Above the Buzz Cut – Hair Etching for All Hair Types

We at Tangerine Salons are committed to providing fabulous service for our clientele. In order to truly keep our clients happy, gorgeous and in style, our staff and stylists are constantly learning what is new in the world of hair and beauty.  

One of the latest trends that we are excited to talk about is “hair tattoos.” They are a great option for both men and women who are looking to add a sense of fun that is not too permanent.  

Hair tattoos are also referred to as hair etching, undercut tattoos, shaving designs or simply designs. They have been around for quite some time in barbershops, but have made a strong appearance in the mainstream lately.  

Though the word tattoo is included in the name, there is no ink involved and there is no permanence. Simply put, hair tattoos are designs created using razors and edging clippers on already-cut or shaven-down hair.  

Common designs include geometric or abstract patterns, but portraits and realistic images have also been used. There is also the option of adding color to your hair tattoo to add an extra sense of uniqueness.  

hair etching designs men women.png

This new trend is perfect if you are feeling a bit like a rebel or simply like frequent change. Once the hair grows back, the design is gone and the hair is no longer “tattooed.” You have the option to end the rebel phase or continue it with a new design.  

For women and men with long hair, an undercut tattoo is a great option. Only the lower mane and nape areas are shaved and tattooed. While the hair is down, it looks very normal; as soon as it is put up, a cool, hip design is visible to amaze the crowd.  


For those looking for a small addition of fun for their hairstyle, there is also the option of tattooing or adding designs that are simply lines. They add a sense of edge without as much commotion.  


Another trend to look out for in the upcoming months is the use of temporary hair tattoos. Unlike the hair tattoos previously mentioned, these are more similar to temporary body tattoos.  

They are typically gold or silver designs applied to the hair with a damp cloth. They adhere to your hair and will stay on unless they are washed or brushed off. These are a great option as a daily hair accessory.