5 Beautiful Hairstyles for Back to School (with Tutorials!)

Want to head back to school in style? You don't need to spend hours working on your hair every morning to have a fun, new look. These five styles give you everything you need to easily have a different hairdo every day of the school week, courtesy of the creative minds behind one of the best hair salons in Dallas in 2017.


The Topsy Tail Twist

This is an elegant approach to an already popular technique. Start by taking the hair at the crown of your head and putting it in a loose ponytail. Then, take the ponytail, flip it up, and push it through behind the hair tie. Take small strands from the left and right and twist them loosely before crossing them over the ponytail and securing them. Create another loose ponytail with the remaining hair above your ears and turn it upside just like the first one.  

The Topsy Tail Braid

Similar to the Topsy Tail Twist, this look is created by layering one topsy tail over another to create a braid-like look on one side. Simply bring the hair to one side and use a small section of hair to create your first topsy tail. Then, take each subsequent section of hair to wrap around the previous one and create a new topsy tail loosely over the top. 


The Space Buns

Space buns are a fun, intricate design that begins with parting your hair down the center. Create two Dutch braids going from your bangs straight back to the crown of your head. Next, tie the hair in a knot. Hold it in place, wrap the tail around the knot, and pin it down to create a unique messy bun look. 


Side Swept Updo

This two-minute updo is great for any occasion. Simply bring all of your hair around the back of your neck to your side of choice. Place one pin in the back of your neck, and then twist a small section of hair upward, pinning it behind the ear. Twist the rest of your hair up and back to loop over the two pins you already placed. Add a few more pins to hold it up. 


Loose, Airy Curls

Everybody yearns for perfect curls. Using a backward sweeping motion and small sections of hair, you can achieve this look every time. Instead of wrapping your hair up in the curling iron, gently work it through the curling iron by opening and closing it as you go. 

The Topsy Tail Bun tutorial and other designs come to you from the best hair salon in Dallas. If you've been searching for trending hairstyles, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Tangerine Salon.

Aubrey Garcia