3 Steps to Finding your Perfect Stylist

With the launch of our new stylist match tool, we wanted to bring to you our three steps to finding the best hair stylist for your next appointment. Our number one goal at Tangerine Salon is to create happiness. We want to ensure that every one of our guests are paired with a stylist who is an expert in their unique hair type. We all have one of a kind hair and we are all looking for that one of a kind stylist so we have put together a few tips and tricks on how to do just that.

kevin_action copy.jpg

#1 Find an expert in your style

You are in luck because we have launched a brand-new tool on our site that will ensure you are matched with a stylist that is an expert in your individual style. Whether you have curly, course hair or fine, straight locks, this tool will help you sift through our stylist until you find your perfect match. You are now able to filter through our stylists based on budget, location, and expertise with ease!

#2 Do Additional Research

Once you have narrowed down your options to a few stylists, check out their professional social media. Get a feel for the work they are recently completed and see if these images match the goals you are trying to achieve with your hair. You can also get a taste of their personality based on their captions or how they reply to comments. Just do as much research as possible!

#3 Book an Appointment

Now that you have scrolled through years of Instagram posts and found what you think is best stylist for you, it’s time to book your consultation.  If you need any assistance on when you should book a consultation or what you should bring with you, visit our last post where we discussed the ins and outs of a successful consolations.

Shea Kelly