Fall Hair Color Trend - Blend it like Beckham

Every season there is one trend that always seems to be the prevailing marker of stylish color. Whether it be 90s chunky highlights, the recent mermaid colors, or platinum blonde – hello, Atomic Blonde – these trending styles are clearly identifiable. Sometimes it is the particular colors, sometimes it is the application technique that defines the trend. For this fall, it is the latter.

As fall approaches, the sure sign of a chic-do will be how well the colors are blended. Gone are the days of a solid, flat color. Say, hello, to blended blondes, brunettes, and even baby pinks. If you are having your stylist apply one, all-over color from root to tip, you are probably going to be left out of this style. 

No matter what color you are going with, classic or more expressive, you want to have your stylist blend the colors, giving your hair soft dimension. One great example of this is the stylish Victoria Beckham. Whether she is blonde or brunette, she always has a subtle difference in the color mixed throughout her hair.

fall hair color victoria beckham.jpg

To achieve this, you can use baby-lights (small-sectioned highlights) utilizing two shades of color that are very close to each other. You can always apply a rooted look to your coloring, utilizing balayage and gloss smudging to achieve that well-blended appearance. Check out our past blog for more on the gloss smudging technique.

Blonde Lob - Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley-Hair.jpg

Basically, if you want to be on-trend this coming season, you want to avoid any harsh lines in your hair, both vertical and horizontal. 

If you are wanting to impress the world with your stylish locks, book an appointment with one of Tangerine’s amazing stylists today. With the continuing education that the stylists undertake, they are all up on the current trend and the techniques to best achieve it!