Hottest Hair Color Trends of 2017 | Tangerine Salon

With every new year comes new colors and styles. Give your locks the trendy makeover they deserve with one of the following hues:

Blorange: As you might guess, blorange is a mix of blonde and orange for a subtle pop of color that’s great for work and play. The peach hue was debuted by Georgia Jagger (yes, Mick’s daughter) who rocked the look with messy beach waves. It hasn’t slowed since and for good reason—it looks great on every skin tone!

Lilac/Mauve: Take advantage of your natural brown tones by adding a soft fade of purple or deep chocolate well past your roots. It’s easy to keep up and subtle enough for professionals.

Jewel Tones: Mix bright colors in a blended way with ribbons of shocking hues and color melts. Though it works best with light hair, those with naturally dark color can still ace this look by asking one of our colorists to pre-lighten their locks.

Baby Blonde: Just as it sounds, Baby Blonde is a virgin hue that contrasts perfectly with the dark colors of fall and winter. To maintain it, color-specific shampoos and conditioners (like Aveda Color Conserve) will keep it looking young.

Ice: Ice colors are a fresh take on what used to be bold hues. From frosty grays to platinum blonde, ice is the sharp edge you need to invigorate a striking trend. Once we transform your look, our best advice is to color treat with conditioner that will keep your color vibrant.

Makeover Inspiration

Want a bold do-over that really speaks to your expressive nature? At Tangerine Salon, we offer the following color palettes:

All-Natural Aveda Rainbow Hair: Rainbow has been in—but getting this look with natural Aveda products? Yes. Pioneered by Guy Tang, the trend works with the application of Aveda pure tones for a finish that looks magnificently beautiful without harsh unnatural chemicals.

Galaxy Colors: Dreaming of hair that looks like the Milky Way? Galaxy color is here to stay with bright teals and purples for the ultimate in #hairgoals.

Rose Gold Blonde: Our expert colorists say it works best on people with pale yellow skin tones and a dark eye color. A little copper and gold mixed with pink; rose gold hair is the perfect transition from winter to spring.

Dramatic hair color transformations tend to take longer than your typical appointment, and some looks require more aftercare than others. Share your hair color dreams with one of our stylists and we’ll help you make it a reality.