Why Tangerine Is The Place To Work: Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Growing.

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“One of the main things I focus on with each stylist is growing or building on their skill sets... to help them be the best they can be!” 

– Bobbi Willmon; Education Director & Master Stylist. 


As Education Director for Tangerine Salons, Bobbi Willmon knows the importance that continuing education plays in the success of a stylist. Staying apprised of the latest hair trends, color techniques, and cosmetology tools is the only way to continue to improve your craft and impress your clients. Bobbi sets the curriculum offered at Tangerine, as well as makes sure the stylists are taking advantage of outside classes that are offered.  

The More You Know!  

Tangerine emphasizes the importance of continuing education to all levels of stylist, offering a variety of classes tailored for each skill level.   

Every Monday at the Coppell salon, Tangerine holds in-house classes that are led by Bobbi. These classes are typically more beginner level for the apprentice group, but Bobbi mixes in about 6 or 7 more advanced classes throughout the year. Classes cover a range of techniques, products, and new trends - such as hair etching, fashion colors and 'Eclipting' hair color, a new Aveda technique and foil placement.  

In addition to the regular classes, Bobbi also spends Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the different salon locations working with all of the stylists on any needs they may have. It is important to Bobbi to cultivate the individual talent of each stylist, helping them become the best stylist they can be. She does not believe in a cookie-cutter teaching method, instead focusing on each stylist’s individual skills.   

Tangerine knows that outside education is crucial to keep its stylists on the leading edge of the salon industry.  

Continuing education courses are offered throughout the entire year at Aveda. They have classes for everything - advanced color techniques, cuts, fashion styling, trends, and classes for each new Aveda collection. Tangerine has arranged for their stylists to get a discount on these classes. In addition to the discount, Tangerine also has a 'Fresh Reward' retail incentive points program that the stylists can use towards the cost of classes.  

The salon also hosts two color educators through Aveda as well, bringing them in quarterly to teach classes just for Tangerine. The stylists were recently taught a class at the salon called LA Blondes that has not yet been released on the Aveda calendar, so Tangerine was the first to get it! Not only do you get continuing education, but you get to be on the cutting edge of the newest techniques in the industry.   

Tangerine also looks to other leaders in the industry, outside of the Aveda network. To ensure each stylist has a diverse background of education, they bring in a range of educators to teach cuts, colors, and even the best business practices. Harry Wood - The Six Figure Hairdresser and Derek Hook for Hair Color Magic - a new, innovative way to mix and apply hair color, are two recent educators that the salon brought in to teach classes.   

“At Tangerine Salon the sky is the limit!”   

This statement is the foundation that Bobbi builds all of the education programs around. She, along with Janet and Brandon Hensley, owners of Tangerine, want to give every stylist at the salon the ability to become the best hair stylist they can be. Education brings knowledge, and knowledge unlocks the door for dreams to become reality. If you dream of a career as a stylist, Tangerine is the best place to cultivate your passion into success.

This blog post was written by Jerett Walters

"If you love what you do, it won't feel like work, and I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion for writing into a career. As a copywriter and blogger, nothing is more rewarding than getting to use your words to promote brands and messages that you care about. Being asked to work with a company like Tangerine is one such honor for me. As a longtime client, I have always admired the business practices of this organization and their dedication to excellence."