Why Tangerine Salon is The Place to Work : Push Your Creative Boundaries

As a hairstylist, creativity is a part of who you are. Each day, you are expected to transform the average person into a model, or at least make them feel like one. You are expected to create new looks through color and cut, but often find yourself being asked to produce similar styles over and over again. While you are creating something new to that client, you can feel that your own creative voice is being stifled. Sometimes you need to feel challenged, to be given an opportunity to express your creative nature, to exercise your artistic muscles. You need a salon that believes in nurturing the creative spirit, and that salon is Tangerine. 

More Than A Place To Work 

Tangerine is not just a place you come to earn a pay check; it is a family. And like any family, they push you to reach your full potential, to be the best you can be, to explore your limits and tap into your creative nature. From photo shoot competitions among the different locations, to styling looks for various runways, Tangerine gives you opportunities to step out from behind your chair and let your creativity soar. 

Photo Shoot Competitions

Each year, Tangerine holds a photoshoot competition among its four locations. In it, you must stage five separate looks that tie in to a central theme. Each salon team is in charge of the concept, the styling, the makeup, and most importantly, the hair. The looks are only limited by your own creativity. The photos are voted on, and the winning team is awarded The James Fiero Styling Award, as well as other prizes. The guidelines for the photos keep with the rules for The North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA), so that each team may enter into it as well, for national recognition. 

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New York Fashion Week

When you work for a company like Tangerine, you are opening the door to possibilities. This past year, Tangerine had a few of its very own stylists working backstage at Fashion Week in New York City. The exposure they received and the chance to work with big names in the salon business gave them a fresh take on styling. Instead of just following the trends in the region, the stylist at Tangerine are encouraged to stay on top of what is hot in fashion and bring it to their clients. In order to work on models being featured at Fashion Week, you have to have a firm understanding of what the trending looks are from around the world. 

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Travel and Learn

In addition to the competitions and fashion shows the stylist at Tangerine get to take part in, the company also encourages them to travel and take classes or attend hair conferences across the nation. Stylist have traveled to New York City, Miami, Minneapolis, Austin, Houston, and Las Vegas to attend different hair shows, where they are presented opportunities to stay apprised of the latest hair trends and confer with other stylist in the industry. Surrounding yourself, both in the salon and through travel, with other creative people helps to encourage you to achieve your best; exposure to greatness inspires greatness within you! 

One thing is for sure, as a stylist at Tangerine Salon, you will never feel underwhelmed in your work product nor get bored with what you are doing. If you are looking for a place that inspires you to reach new heights in your career, Tangerine is the right place for you. Your creativity will be nurtured and rewarded at Tangerine Salon.  

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This blog post was written by Jerett Walters.

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"If you love what you do, it won't feel like work, and I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion for writing into a career. As a copywriter and blogger, nothing is more rewarding than getting to use your words to promote brands and messages that you care about. Being asked to work with a company like Tangerine is one such honor for me. As a longtime client, I have always admired the business practices of this organization and their dedication to excellence."