Earth Month Wristband Fundraiser

Our Success Story

Over the past three years, Tangerine Salon has raised over $60,000 in fundraising for Earth Month. A huge part of our success was having these wristbands to give to our guests and donors, which raised awareness, motivated staff and gave a focal point to our cause.

We are offering these to our fellow Aveda salons in hopes that we can do more together for Earth Month and raise even more than we did last year. Be assured that this will in fact help your staff meet and exceed their personal goals for this year.

Meet your Earth Month Goals!

A fantastic opportunity to raise money for Earth Month while having your guests and staff proudly wear our Earth Month colors! One inch wristband in Earth Month Blue with Aveda logo and "Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good" slogan.

Fundraising potential:

Offer bands to salon guests, friends and family with a minimum $5 donation - Recover your investment and net proceeds go toward your Earth Month fundraising goals.

For Example: Receive a $5 donation for 500 bands, you will recover your investment and have $1750 toward your Earth Month goal.

An easy, fashionable solution to meet your in-salon as well as individual staff goals.

Champion our Earth Month cause 

  • 100 wristbands @ $2.50 ea - $250
  • 250 wristbands @ $2.00 ea - $500
  • 500 wristbands @ $1.50 ea - $750
  • 1000 wristbands @ $1.25 ea - $1250